Thankyou MMM (Mobile Mission Maintenance - 2019 project)

MMMis a mission organisation operating throughout Australia and our neighbouring countries.

“We support Christian ministries by providing building, maintenance and other practical services.  While we do the practical stuff: design, build, engineer, repair, paint, patch and generally make sure buildings and facilities are up to scratch, the ministries we support can get on with the vital work they are called by God to do.  And that makes a real difference to people’s lives!

We have served in over 30 countries throughout the South Pacific, South-East Asia and parts of Africa, helping a whole range of people involved in a wide variety of ministries. These include health, education, outreach, evangelism and church planting ministries, local church work and other faith missions.

As a mission, we are made up of a large number of members and associate members, volunteers and staff – all working tirelessly to see projects completed and God’s Gospel proclaimed.”

People all over the world are blessed when an MMM team arrives.  Imagine……  the smiles of children when they walk into their new classroom facilities for the first time.….. the community enjoying a freshly renovated church building. (That’s US - we really appreciate all the work MMM has done for us)  Imagine…..the improvement to people’s quality of life where MMM has provided low-cost housing, new child care centres or new school toilet blocks!

Thankyou MMM for volunteering your precious time to bless us by painting the outside of our old Presbyterian Hall last year

and by coming back to paint the renovated Heritage Church this year.                         God Bless You!!


Please pray for Tabulam Christian Church -

we are in fellowship with them, and, as Churches,  we encourage each other - they are a mighty group of people.

Bible Study & Service each Sunday morning.

Jamie & Merelyn Gibbins take the service in Tabulam on the first Sunday each month.

Please call numbers below for more details.

Tabulam Christian Church - Contacts:

 Jamie:  0428 669 342   

Owen:  02 6667 5154


Plus a testimony below….

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