Please pray for Tabulam Christian Church -

we are in fellowship with them, and, as Churches,  we encourage each other - they are a mighty group of people.

Bible Study & Service each Sunday morning.

Jamie & Merelyn Gibbins take the service in Tabulam on the first Sunday each month.

Please call numbers below for more details.

Tabulam Christian Church - Contacts:

 Jamie:  0428 669 342   

Owen:  02 6667 5154



In 1981 whilst living in Broadmeadows – a suburb of Melbourne – I was introduced to a lady who had two severely autistic children. At the time, the son, a big strapping young man, was about 18 and the daughter about 12. I will call the lady Margaret - her story is fascinating.

At that time, there was a school that catered for primary and high school aged autistic children, but once the children were older, there was no help for the parents of such children. So Margaret’s daughter was cared for during the day, but that left Margaret with her son in the house all day, every day, with no breaks except for weekends when her husband was able to take some of the responsibility for both children. Her son’s name was Stephen – he would blunder aimlessly about the house all day, and she would have to keep constant watch over him. Eventually Margaret became physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted – so much so that when her husband came home from work each day he began to expect the worst – that she had committed suicide.

One day he walked up the path past the open kitchen window, and heard her singing! He was sure that it had all become too much for her and she had become a mental case. When he walked in she assured him that she was alright, and then told him about the amazing thing that had happened to her.

She said that the whole situation had become so bad that she had begun to weep and had sat down on the couch in total despair. With her head in her hands she moaned in desperation, ‘Can’t somebody HELP me?! PLEASE, SOMEBODY HELP ME!’

Then a strange thing happened. She felt ‘someone’ sit on the couch next to her – but there was no-one there! Nothing was visible, but there was definitely a presence with her. She did not feel afraid – in fact quite the opposite – she felt a peace come over her and a calmness and a strength that she had never felt before.

Neither she nor her husband had any idea of who this ‘visitor’ had been, but a few days later, a neighbour called Rhonda dropped in to see how she was. When Margaret told her about this experience, Rhonda told her that it was Jesus who had helped her. So Margaret and her husband began to find out about Jesus through Rhonda and the church people, and started to follow the Lord. When the people in the church heard about Margaret’s situation, they committed themselves to helping and supporting the family.

We were all excited to find that Jesus had revealed himself in such a wonderful way and had totally transformed their situation. How amazing is our God!


Plus a testimony below….

Thankyou MMM (Mobile Mission Maintenance)

MMMis a mission organisation operating throughout Australia and our neighbouring countries.

“We support Christian ministries by providing building, maintenance and other practical services.  While we do the practical stuff: design, build, engineer, repair, paint, patch and generally make sure buildings and facilities are up to scratch, the ministries we support can get on with the vital work they are called by God to do.  And that makes a real difference to people’s lives!

We have served in over 30 countries throughout the South Pacific, South-East Asia and parts of Africa, helping a whole range of people involved in a wide variety of ministries. These include health, education, outreach, evangelism and church planting ministries, local church work and other faith missions.

As a mission, we are made up of a large number of members and associate members, volunteers and staff – all working tirelessly to see projects completed and God’s Gospel proclaimed.”

People all over the world are blessed when an MMM team arrives.  Imagine……  the smiles of children when they walk into their new classroom facilities for the first time.….. the community enjoying a freshly renovated church building. (That’s US - we really appreciate all the work MMM has done for us)  Imagine…..the improvement to people’s quality of life where MMM has provided low-cost housing, new child care centres or new school toilet blocks!

Thankyou MMM for volunteering your precious time to bless us by painting the outside of our old Presbyterian Hall - God Bless You!!


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