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In 1981 whilst living in Broadmeadows – a suburb of Melbourne – I was introduced to a lady who had two severely autistic children. At the time, the son, a big strapping young man, was about 18 and the daughter about 12. I will call the lady Margaret - her story is fascinating.

At that time, there was a school that catered for primary and high school aged autistic children, but once the children were older, there was no help for the parents of such children. So Margaret’s daughter was cared for during the day, but that left Margaret with her son in the house all day, every day, with no breaks except for weekends when her husband was able to take some of the responsibility for both children. Her son’s name was Stephen – he would blunder aimlessly about the house all day, and she would have to keep constant watch over him. Eventually Margaret became physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted – so much so that when her husband came home from work each day he began to expect the worst – that she had committed suicide.

One day he walked up the path past the open kitchen window, and heard her singing! He was sure that it had all become too much for her and she had become a mental case. When he walked in she assured him that she was alright, and then told him about the amazing thing that had happened to her.

She said that the whole situation had become so bad that she had begun to weep and had sat down on the couch in total despair. With her head in her hands she moaned in desperation, ‘Can’t somebody HELP me?! PLEASE, SOMEBODY HELP ME!’

Then a strange thing happened. She felt ‘someone’ sit on the couch next to her – but there was no-one there! Nothing was visible, but there was definitely a presence with her. She did not feel afraid – in fact quite the opposite – she felt a peace come over her and a calmness and a strength that she had never felt before.

Neither she nor her husband had any idea of who this ‘visitor’ had been, but a few days later, a neighbour called Rhonda dropped in to see how she was. When Margaret told her about this experience, Rhonda told her that it was Jesus who had helped her. So Margaret and her husband began to find out about Jesus through Rhonda and the church people, and started to follow the Lord. When the people in the church heard about Margaret’s situation, they committed themselves to helping and supporting the family.

We were all excited to find that Jesus had revealed himself in such a wonderful way and had totally transformed their situation. How amazing is our God!


Plus a testimony below….





Christian Persecution: Russia 2017

‘Could it happen here?’  ‘Let’s pray that the Lord keeps us from evil!’

Christians in Russia now must choose between obeying ‘the law’ and ‘obeying God’ because of a new set of Stalinesque ‘anti-terrorism’ laws passed recently that severely restrict evangelism and set the stage for a mass persecution of Russian believers in Christ.

The amendments, considered the country’s most repressive since the collapse of the Soviet Union, prohibit all missionary activity, even in private homes and ‘online’.  Sergei Ryakhovsky, leader of the Protestant Churches of Russia, called the law ‘the most draconian anti-religion bill to be proposed in Russia since Nikita Khrushchev promised to eliminate Christianity in the Soviet Union.’ reported that a group of lawyers has begun preparing an appeal to Russia’s Constitutional Court, claiming the new law contradicts religious rights guaranteed in the guidelines of ‘the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe’, of which Russia is a participating country.

The Slavic Centre for Law and Justice, a non-profit organisation that seeks to protect religious rights in Russia, also has begun reviewing the law in hopes of ensuring the religious liberties of Christians and foreign missionaries there, the Christian Post reported.

The set of amendment, called the ‘Yarovaya Package’, forbids parents to teach their children about the Lord in their homes, allows government surveillance of all online activity, prohibits believers from inviting friends to church, and outlaws all house churches.  Individual violators may be fined up to $780 with organisations up to $15,000 and foreign violators deported.

The law appears to target Russian Protestant minorities, defining missionary activity as ‘religious practices to spread a faith beyond its members,’ according to  Such a definition excludes the Russian Orthodox Church since it remains an integral aspect of Russian nationalism.

‘The Russian Orthodox Church is part of a bulwark of Russian nationalism stirred up by Vladimir Putin.  Everything that undermines that action is a real threat, whether that’s evangelical Protestant missionaries or anything else,’ foreign affairs expert David Aikman told

The new amendments set the stage for a mass persecution of Russian evangelical believers.  In a letter to Putin, Sergei Ryakhovsky wrote, ‘The law creates the basis for mass persecution of believers for violating these provisions.  Soviet history shows us how many people of different faiths have been persecuted for spreading the Word of God.  This brings us back to a shameful past.’

Since the legislation went into effect on 20th July 2016, many have been arrested for sharing their faith.  Russian officials charged seven Christians within the first month alone, the Washington Post reported.  One of the seven included a Baptist preacher from the United States who was accused of holding church services in his home and promoting the meetings on public bulletin boards, the Post said.

Mission Eurasia President Sergey Rakhuba encouraged Russian believers to continue sharing their faith despite the threat of Government persecution: ‘Believers…. Need to make a very important choice: whether to obey God or these new Russian laws.’  He told, ‘The Great Commission isn’t just for a time of freedom!’


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