Our monthly mission is ‘Bang’wise’

Bang'wise Good News Ministries is a Christian Interdenominational Organization, started by Masanja Iseme Ngweso in Tanzania.

Masanja is an ordained pastor in the Anglican Church of Tanzania. He is from the Sukuma tribe, who are the largest tribal group in that country, more than 5 million people. He is married to Abigail a GP, and they have three children (grown up - Martha, Daniel, and Simeon) and four grandchildren. Since starting this Organization Masanja works with all Christian Churches. His deputy pastor Daudi Deeke looks after all things faithfully when Masanja is not in Tanzania

The word "Bang'wise", is from the Sukuma language, whose equivalent English meaning is "Brothers and Sisters" (or Brethren). The "i" in the word "Bang'wise" is pronounced as in words like, "in" "is" or "ink," not like the long English i (pronounced ai). The original purpose in starting Bang'wise Good News Ministries was to have an organization that would help with the task of preaching the gospel among village people in Sukumaland.

Pastor Daudi Deeke & Salume his wife;  they look after the Ministry in Tanzania

Since 1994 when Bang'wise Good News Ministries started, the field of ministry was among the Sukuma people in Tanzania. But not long after that, the field stretched out and got to other tribes in Tanzania, who from time to time have requested for the ministry of evangelism to come to them. Some of the tribes ministered so far include the Masai, Wazinza, Warongo, Wasumbwa, Wasubi, Wakerewe, Wakara, Wajita, and some Refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (who are in Tanzania), and also people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As said above, the original purpose of the Organization was to preach the gospel, but afterwards it became important to think of some development projects in order to involve village people in activities that would enable them to earn an income to help them manage their daily livelihood. So over a period of time we purchased land, now we have 20 acres, enough to enable us to establish development projects.

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