Our monthly mission is ‘CrossView’

CrossView works alongside the church in seeing followers of Jesus effective in making disciples of all nations.

We work with churches and missionary organisations in mobilizing Australians as a missional force to impact the World with the gospel of Jesus Christ. One way we equip individuals for this task is through our Connect Training Program, an adaptable, church-based mentoring program that works towards seeing disciplemakers, church planters and Bible translators working in a variety of cross-cultural contexts.

CrossView Australia is a team that wants to be all about the task Jesus left the Church, of teaching and making disciples around the world. As a not-for-profit organization, we look for fruitful collaborations with local churches and the missions community in Australia. We also maintain and continue to add to a network of strategic partnerships with a broad variety of like-minded ministry teams around the world.

CrossView is convinced that God does not intend for any person or group to have less access to his Word than another. As a team, we are deeply moved by the knowledge that millions of people around the world do not have ready access to the Truth. We look for ways to heighten awareness of this disparity among churches and individuals in Australia and beyond.

Through personal experience and from many others currently involved, our team has gained insights into what constitutes barriers to the impact of God’s Word. We are convinced, for example, that it is essential to take the time to build relationships, become good communicators and to understand the underlying beliefs and values in a community. We’ve seen the amazing results of the Redemption Story and “meta-narrative” of Scripture being shared with people from a faithful translation that speaks to their hearts. And we believe that God intends for local believers to take on, as soon as possible, the responsibility for their own church life and for reaching out to their community and beyond.

Given these and other realities of cross-cultural ministries, the CrossView team knows that although passion and commitment are vital, they are not enough; those involved also need to be well equipped and resourced, especially for pioneering church planting contexts. This has motivated us to develop an innovative program called CrossView Connect that equips believers in the context of their churches for cross-cultural work. We are more than happy if this helps people be better witnesses in an increasingly multicultural Australian society. But we are also delighted if our relationship leads them into career missions opportunities with our ministry partners among least-reached people groups around the world.

As people are being equipped we work with them and their church leadership to determine the kind of ministry and agency that will be the best fit for them and the timing for transition into full-time roles. We offer ongoing input to the church, as needed, in their role of sending, and we are available to help facilitate communications with the field team. Our desire is to maintain a long-term relationship with those we’ve equipped, praying for them, supporting their ministries and, as possible, visiting them in their ministry allocations.

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