Our monthly mission is OPEN DOORS

   Please Pray for OPEN DOORS

Our mission is to strengthen and prepare Christians living in persecution, and to mobilise the Australian church to identify with the global body of Christ.

A Twofold Mission

In The Field

We work through local partners and build long-term relationships in over 70 countries around the world. We partner with people who know and understand what is needed to see the church strengthened and the gospel proclaimed. Our mission is to help the local church transform their nation for Jesus.

In Australia

We partner with Christians and local churches in Australia. Your support enables believers living in some of the darkest places on Earth to be a light for Christ. Our mission is to make sure that the persecuted church is remembered in every church, every Bible study and every home.

What types of persecution do Christians face?

We use these eight broad categories to measure where persecution comes from:

Islamic Oppression - Any violent or non-violent action used to bring Christians under Islamic rule.

Religious Nationalism - Using the majority religion of a country (usually Hinduism and Buddhism, but also orthodox Judaism or other religions) to imply Christians do not qualify as citizens.

Ethnic Antagonism - Using cultural and tribal norms based on traditional religion to suggest Christians are outsiders.

Denominational Protectionism - To maintain one’s Christian denomination as the only legitimate expression of Christianity in the country.

Communist/Post-Communist Oppression - To monitor and control churches through a system of biased registration.

Secular Intolerance - To eradicate Christian expression from public life and impose an atheistic secularism.

Dictatorial Paranoia - Does everything to maintain power, including tearing down organised groups–like Christians.

Organised Corruption & Crime - To create a climate of anarchy and corruption as a means for self-enrichment. Christians will often speak out against this and become targets.


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